Cowin Capital Group was established in 26/6/2000 year as China's first professional private placement Equity investment company.

Cowin Capital has 24 years of experience of capital management, whose capital management scale was among the front rank, which invested more than 700 companies, of which 120 more became public companies, and 200 more successfully exit.

Our company focus on investing on pioneering enterprise in long-term basis, always keeping steady development. Our company is being in the lead in China, which operates as an excellent domestic investment organization with extraordinary return.

Cowin Capital was successfully listed on NEEQ, with code 832793, as the third listed famous domestic venture capital institution in NEEQ.

Companies to invest as the starting point, we are committed to supporting the growth of small and medium enterprises, continue to launch high-quality listed companies in China Capital Market.

Our slogan is “The peers of the entrepreneurs, the guide of great enterprise.” We embrace open mind to improve and grow with entrepreneurs. With the experience of many years in capital market, we can lead enterprise to board on the peak of success.

Our Notion

The peers of the entrepreneurs, the guide of great enterprise.
Progressing with entrepreneurs, we know enterprise more.
Distance tests a horse's stamina: In 24 years, more than 120 public companies, Create together and share with each other.
The place we cannot walk, can be reached by our vision.
The place our vision cannot reach, can be reached by our thoughts.