Huang Li

President, Founding Partner

Master of Money and Banking, Nankai University; PhD in  Finance; CKGSB Global CEO

Co-Win Venture Capital Founder, General Manager.Managing Partner of Nanhai Chengzhang Series Fund, China Private Equity Association initiator and member of counsil.

Has 10 years of experience in investment banking. As the first batch of investment bankers, he witnessed the development of the Chinese capital market, and provided many companies with restructuring IPO, and financing services. Has more than 20 years of experience in securities. Has deep understanding of investment banking, and good connections in the field.

Has more than 10 years of experience in private equity and investment management, and made successfulinvestments in more than 20 companies listed on the SME and Innovation Board, such as Daan Gene(002030),HNSP(002693), Betta Pharma(300558), BGI(300676), ZYS Bearing(002046), Boyun(002297), GEM(002340), LETV(300104), and TRS Group(002567).

Zero2IPO Top 10 Venture Capitalists of the Year 2012